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Window Installation in CT

Windows can make or break the appearance of a home and they are a vital element in achieving energy efficiency. A drafty window can force you to spend hundreds on your home heating bill.

A professionally installed and insulated window, one with the J.T Burke & Son’s Quality Guarantee, can lower your monthly heating bill and add aesthetic value to your home. New windows are easier to use, clean, and typically last longer. They keep out pests while letting in fresh air and sunshine. A home is not complete without its windows.

J.T. Burke & Sons have a large selection of top-quality windows with a lifetime quality guarantee, including double insulated and environmentally friendly options to insure we have the best material to fit your needs. We will install your windows professionally and in a timely manner: Providing you with service worthy of our unblemished reputation.

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Whether you want to save money or make an investment in your home – J.T. Burke and Sons can help. We guarantee that every project will be completed in a timely, professional manner, from a company that has generations of experience.

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